Coins of the Roman Empire



Price Image
SOLD Tetricus I AD 270-273 Antoninianus . Virtus leaning on shield & hold. Spear. S.3183 aXF $20 [image]
2C0357 Probus AD 276-282 Antoninianus (silvered) Fides Militvm. Fides holding 2 standards S.3350 VF $30 [image]
2C0353 Probus AD 276-282 Antoninianus. Rev. Clementia Temp Probus receiving globe from Jupiter. S 3343 Fine $15 [image]
SOLD Carus AD 282-283 Antoninianus. Nice surfaces. R. Providence holding corn ears and sceptre. VF S. 3404 $50 [image]
1C0027 Numerian 283-284 AD. Antonianus. Rev. Annona holding corn ears and cornucopae. Fine $50 [image]
2C0210 Diocletian AD 284-305 Bronze follis. R. Qvies and Providence standing, facing each other. S.3543 Fine-VF $60 [image]
2C0354 Diocletian AD 284-305 Bronze Follis Rev. Genio Popvli Romani Genius with patera & cornucopiae S. 3533 VF Some silvering remaining $40 [image]
2C0373 Diocletian AD 284-305 Antoninianus. Rev. IOVE THEROVCONSERAVGG. Jupiter handing victory to Diocletian. VF $25 [image]
2C0355 Maximianus AD 286-310 Pre-reform Radiate Concordia Militvm. Max. receiving Victory on globe from Jupiter. S. 3611 VF $20 [image]
2C0372 Constantius I, Chlorus AD 293-306. Follis Rev. Genio Popvli Romani. Genius standing with Patera and cornucopiae. Trier mint. Cleaned. VF S.3671 $30 [image]
2C0371 Maxentius AD 306-312 Bronze Follis. Rev.CONSERV.VRB.SVAE Roma in temple. S.3779 F-VF $30 [image]
2C0334 Constantine The Great. AD 307-337. Billon Argenteus (Scarce) Rev. 2 Victories & shield. S.3853v VF for issue $110 [image]
SOLD Constantine the Great AD 307-337 Bronze AE3 Helmeted bust w/spear Rev. VICTORIAE LAETAE PRINC. PERP. 2 victories with shield. Fine $20 [image]
1C0064 Licinius I 308-324 AD Bronze AE 3 l9mm (follis ?).  Rev. Camp Gate Fine $15 [image]
1C0065 Licinius I 308- 324 AD Bronze follis S#3799.  Rev. Iovi Conservatori Augg NN Fine $18 [image]
2C0367 Licinius I AD 308-324. Bronze Follis or AE 3. Rev. Soli Invicto . Sol standing, holding globe. VF $18
SOLD Crispus AD 317-326. Bronze AE 3. Rev. VOT X in wreath. S. 3918 XF $20
2C0260 Helena, Wife of Constantius, mother of Constantine. d. 330 AD Bronze AE 4. Pax Publica (Pax standing) Fine S 3910 $25


1C0060 Constans AD 337-350 Bronze AE 4 l5 mm S#3970.  Rev. 2 Soldiers and Standard VF $10 [image]
1C0059 Constantius II AD 337-361 Bronze Centenionalis S#4003. Rev. Soldier spearing fallen horseman. Fine $22 [image]
2C0370 Constantius II AD 337-361. Centenionalis Rev. FEL TEMP REPARTIO. Soldier spearing fallen horseman. Sim. S4003 VF $25 [image]
SOLD Constantius II AD 337-361 Silver Silique. Rev. Wreath around VOTIS XXX MULTIS XXXX. Sirmium mint. 2.01 g. S. 3997 XF $90 [image]
1C0057 Magentius 350 – 353 AD Bronze Centenionalis.  Rev. Magentius galloping spearing enemy. Rough but collectable. $40 [image]
2C0262 Magentius AD 350-353 centenionalis R. 2 Victories & shield VOT V MVLT X Fine S 4026 $50 [image]
3C0317 Magnentius AD 350-353. Centenionalis . Rev. FELICITAS REIPVBLICE . Magentius holding victory and standard. S. 4018 F-VF $35 [image]



Decentius AD 351-353. As Caesar. Bronze centenionalis. 2 Victories inscr. Shield on cippus. Rough surfaces, still fine. S 4035 $40 [image]
1C0029 Julian II 360-363 AD. AE1 28mm. Rev. Bull standing. In Ex CYCT S#4072. Very Good $70 [image]
2C0201 Julian II AD 360-363 Bronze AE 3 Obv. Julian w/spear & shield. R. Vot X Mvlt XX in wreath. Fine $20 [image]
2C0204 Julian II AD 360-363 Bronze AE 3 R. Fel. Temp.Reparatio. Soldier spearing fallen horseman S 4063 Very fine $20 [image]
SOLD Julian II AD 360-363 Silver Silique. Rev. Vot X Mvltis XX in wreath. Constant. Mint. S 4070 . Near MS. Beautiful coin $100 [image]
2C0282 Jovian AD 363-364 Bronze AE 3. VOT V MVLTX in wreath. S 4087v VF $60 [image]
2C0335 Valentinian I AD 364-375 Silver Silique. Rev. Vot X Mvlt XX in wreath. Antioch VF VM #36 $130 [image]
2C0332 Gratain AD 367-383. Silver Silique. Rev. Virtvs Romanorvm. Roma seated on throne, holding globe and spear. VM #24 Ex. Fine $95 [image]
1C0067 Theodosius I 379-395 AD Bronze AE 2 21mm S#4183.  Rev. Reparato Reipub. Fine $25 [image]
3C0322 Theodosius I AD 379-395 Bronze AE 2. Rev. VIRTVS EXERCIT. Theodosius with foot on captive, holding labarum & globe. S. 4184 aEF $30 [image]
2C0263 Aelia Flaccilla , mother of Arcadius and Honorius. Wife of Theo. I d. AD 386 Bronze AE 2 R. Salus Republica , Victory insc. Chi Ro on Shield. Pitting on reverse. S 4192 $45 [image]