Coins of the Roman Empire



Price Image
1C0047 Hadrian 117-138 AD Dupondius COS III SC. Salus seated, feeding snake. S#1127 Fine $120 [image]
SOLD Hadrian 117-138 AD Dupondis. Head of Hadrian. R. Roma seated on curiass, holding victory, Shield behind. VM 101/4 Porosity, VG to Fine $40 [image]
SOLD Antoninus Pius AD 138-161 Sestertius Struck in Rome 145-7 AD . Rev. Mars advancing, holding spear and trophy. BMC 1705-6 C. 751 XF Gem $425 [image]
3C0300 Antoninus Pius AD 138-161 Silver denarius. Rev. Modius filled with 4 grain ears and poppy. VM 13/8 aEF $90 [image]
3C0310 Marcus Aurelius AD 161-180 Silver denarius struck in 169 AD. Rev. Liberalitas standing, holding tessera & cornucopiae. VM 25 EF gem $140 [image]
SOLD Maximus 235-238 AD Sestertius, Maximus Caes Germ, Rev. Sacrificial implements. S#2378. Fine $115 [image]
1C0054 Lucius Verus 161-169 AD. Silver denarius. Providentia with globe and cornecopiae. S#1539. Fine to Very Fine $140 [image]
3C0304 Lucius Verus (co-emperor with Marcus Aurelius) AD161-169. Silver denarius. Rev. Providentia holding globe and cornucopiae. S 1539 VF $130 [image]
2C0364 Commodus AD 177-192 Sestertius . Rev. Pax with Cornucopiae. Worn but good portrait. $20 [image]
1C0094 Macedon Amphilos c. 180 AD Bronze 18 mm. Head of Marcus Aurelius. Rev. Athena standing Fine $35 [image]
3C0303 Septimius Severus AD 193-211 Silver denarius. Rev. Victory holding wreath over shield on low mount. VM 109 VF $65 [image]
2C0340 Caracalla AD 198-217 Silver denarius Rev. PMTRP XV COS III PP Salus seated, feeding snake. VM 59/4 Ex Fine $80 [image]
3C0302 Julia Domna (wife of Sept. Severus) d. AD 217 Silver denarius. Rev. Pietas standing left, over altar, raising both hands. VM 40, S.1847 EF $60 [image]
3C0308 Julia Domna (Wife of Sept. Severus) d. AD 217 Silver antoninianus . Rev. VENVS GENTRIX . Venus seated. S. 1867 EF $110 [image]
1C0022 Elagablus 218-222 AD. Silver denarius. Fides seated, holding eagle and standard. Very Fine $75 [image]
2C0342 Julia Maesa (sister of Julia Domna & grandmother of Elagabalus & Severus Alexander) d. AD 225 Silver denarius. Rev. FECUNDITAS w/cornucopiae., child at feet. S. 2180 EF $130 [image]
3C0307 Julia Maesa (Sister of Julia Domna, grandmother Elagabalus & Severus Alexander) d. AD 225 Silver antoninianus. Rev. Pietas standing, altar at feet. S.2182 VF $90 [image]
2C0363 Gordian III AD 238-244 Sestertius. Rev. IOVI SATORI, Jupiter standing. S.2487 Fine $40 [image]
SOLD Gordian III AD 238-244 Silver antoninianus. Rev. PMTRPVCOSIIPP. Gordian standing, holding globe and spear. S.2454 EF $50 [image]
2C0362 Philip I AD 244-249 Sestertius Rev. PMTRP III COS PP Felicity standing, holding cadeuceus and cornucopiae. Sim. S. 2598 F-VF $45 [image]
3C0305 Philip I AD 244-249 Silver antoninianus. Rev. ROMAEAETERNAE. Roma seated holding victory and sceptre. S 2567 aEF $55 [image]
SOLD Trajan Decius AD 249-51 Antoninianus. R. Genius standing , holding Patera and cornucopiae. Standard in background. Good portrait. VF $30 [image]
2C0337 Trajan Decius AD 249-251. Silver Antoninianus R. Genius Exerc. Illyriciani. Genius stand. Holding patera and cornucopiae, standard to Right. aXF S.2697 $45 [image]
2C0339 Valerian I 253-260 AD Silver Antoninianus. Rev. Virtus Avgg. Mars standing, hold. Victory, spear and shield. VM 101/1 VF $45 [image]
SOLD Valerian I AD 253-260 Silver antoninianus. Rev. FELICITAS AVGG. Felicity standing, holding cadeucus and cornucopiae. S.2882 Mint state! $60 [image]
SOLD Gallienus AD 253-268 Silver antoninianus. Rev. LIBERALITAS AVGG. Liberalitas standing, hold. Tessera and cornucopiae. VM 147 VF-XF $65 [image]
SOLD Postumus 259-268 AD. Antoninianus - Silvered. Saecul Felicitas. Posumus holding spear and globe. Flan crack, still attractive. Very Fine $35 [image]
SOLD Postumus AD 259-268 Antoninianus Rev. Oriens Avg Sol advancing, holding whip S.3118 VF $20 [image]
3C0313 Postumus AD 259-268 AE antoninianus. Rev. COS III. Victory standing. VM 5 aEF $30 [image]
3C0315 Postumus AD 259-268 Antoninianus Rev. PMTRPCOSIIPP .Postumus standing, holding globe and spear. S. 3121 aEF $50 [image]
SOLD Victorius 268-270 AD Antoninianus. Rev. Invictus Sol Advancing, holding whip. S#3165. Very Fine $40 [image]
2C0281 Victorinus 268-270 AD. Antoninianus. Pax standing. VF S. 3166 $30 [image]
2C0351 Victorinus AD 268-270 ae antoninianus Rev. Invictvs Sol advancing, holding whip. S3165 VF $18 [image]
SOLD Claudius II "Gothicus" AD 268-270 Antoninianus Rev. Provident Avg. Providence leaning on column, holding cornucopiae. S. 3712 Fine $7 [image]
2C0359 Claudius II "Gothicus" AD 268-70 Antoninianus Salus Avg. Salus standing, feeding snake @ altar S.3219 VF $18 [image]
2C0360 Salonina (Wife of Gallienus) d. AD 268 Antoninianus . IVNO REGINA. Juno standing. S.3040 aXF $18 [image]