Coins of the Roman Republic



Price Image
SOLD Roman Republic c187-175 BC Silver quinarius. Head of Roma. R. Dioscuri on horseback / spears Ex ROMA S.104 VF $125 [image]
SOLD Roman Republic. c.180 BC. Bronze as. Head of Janus. Rev. Ships prow, horse or bull above. S#166 sim. Fine $130 [image]
2C0235 Roman Republic Q. Titius c. 90 BC. Silver denarius. Head of Mutinius Titinus. R. Pegasus. S258. Worn w/flan crack $45 [image]
SOLD Roman Republic.L. Rubrius Dossenus c. 87 BC. Silver denarius. Head of Jupiter. R.Triumphal chariot, Victory above. RSC Rubria 1. Very Fine $145 [image]


Agrippa 63-12 BC Bronze as. Head of Agrippa. R. Neptune standing. Struck under Tiberius or Caligula. Wonderful portrait. Coin somewhat porous. Fine $60


1C0056 AGRIPPA 63-12 BC Bronze as (Struck by Caligula 38 AD). Rev. Neptune S. 556 Fine cond. But porous $45 [image]
SOLD Roman Republic L. Hostilius Saserna 48 BC. Silver denarius. Head of Gallia. Rev. Artemis statue. Almost VF $170 [image]
2C0270 Roman Republic 47 BC L. Plautius Plancus. Silver denarius. Facing Meduesa mask. R. Aurora and horses of the sun. Rev. off center. S315 $230 [image]
SOLD Roman Republic 42 BC P. Clodius M.f. Silver denarius. Head of Apollo. R. Diana Lucifera between 2 torches. Some roughness to face, still fine. S 328 $65 [image]