Coins of Syracuse, Sicily
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Syracuse 474-450 BC Siliver Pentonkion 9mm. Head of Artemis - Arethusa. Rev. Wheel of four spokes. S#930. Fine $75 [image]
1C0096 Syracuse Before 357 BC Bronze 17mm Head of Arethusa. Rev. Star within quadripaerite incuse square . Fine, nice colour. SGC 1185 $55 [image]
1C0098 Syracuse 344-336 BC Bronze Litra. 31 gm. Helmeted head of Athena facing left. Rev. Dolphins around star. Worn but still fine for this issue. SGC1189 $80 [image]
1C0072 Syracuse Bronze 16mm 275-215 BC. Heron II Head of Persephone R. Bull butting. SGC 1218 var. Very Fine $75 [image]
2C0216 Sicily, Syracuse BC 215-214. Reign of Hieronymos. Bronze 22 mm. Head of Hieronynos. R. Winge thunderbolts. Nice Fine to Very fine. SGC 1224 $40 [image]