Coins of Sicily
Price Image
1C0102 Sicily, Kamarina Silver Litra, 460-450 BC. Athena standing, holding spear and Shield. Rev. Nike flying, swan at feet. Fine. Sim. SGC 757 $100 [image]
1C0095 Sicily, Kamarina 413-405 BC Bronze Onkia (11 mm) Gorgons head. Rev. Owl holding Lizard SGC 1064 Fine $50 [image]
1C0075 Sicily, Kentoripal Bronze Dekonkion After 241 BC.  Head of Zeus.  Rev Winged thunderbolt.  SGC 1081.  Very Good to Fine. $60 [image]
1C0099 Sicily, Kentoripai After 241 BC Bronze dekonkia (23 mm) Laureate head of Zeus right, Rev. Winged thunderbolt. Very Fine. SGC 1081 $55 [image]
1C0071 Sicily, Syracuse Bronze 22mm 214-212 BC. Head of Apollo R. Dioscuri galloping. SNG cop. 212 Fine $70 [image]
1C0074 Sicily, Menainon Bronze Tetras C. 210 BC. Veiled bust of Demeter R. 2 torches crossed. SGC 1129 Fine $50 [image]
1C0101 Sicily, Catana 3rd. –2ed Cent BC Bronze 15 mm. Head of Apollo left, Rev. Isis holding bird. SNG cop 194 Very Good $24 [image]